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Learning for life

Our sessions helped me learn the correct way study for exams. Ola taught me effective ways to completely understand my work and explain in my own words rather than just learning off notes where there is a possibility to forget. The sessions were very informative not only to direct myself with school but also with life.


Learning Skills Program

Lifelong learning skills

The best change I saw in myself was that I began to process and internalize information more effectively. I employed one of the skills taught by Miss Smith: Listen to what is being said, process it, then take notes.

This process will also help me in my university days as paraphrasing becomes much more important.


Learning Skills Program

A personalized system

In my classes with Ola, she provided a much-needed regime specific to my learning ability. Working with my likes and dislikes, she gave me an excellent foundation for effective studying.

With a necessary firmness, she was able to instill in me the discipline required when it comes to my academics.


Learning Skills Program

More than academic coaching

Ola came into my son’s life at a time when he needed a lot of support. He was transitioning from an international school abroad and integrating to the school system here in Trinidad.

She not only provided academic coaching but also helped him gain confidence in himself and taught him how to navigate his way through all the changes in his life.


Learning Skills Program

It’s like therapy

What really stuck with me was the practice of scheduling schoolwork and sticking to that schedule. Initially it was difficult, but because of my change in attitude, sticking to a schedule became routine.

I would work with Miss Ola again purely for the self-improvement and the push to reach goals. Class with her could be compared to therapy.


Learning Skills Program

I got a Grade One!

Working with Ola has been very enlightening, and it helped me tremendously with my math. She is very patient and understands the struggle a student might face.

She showed me new methods for solving problems, and I went from 50s to 80s. In the end, I got a Grade One in exams all thanks to her.


Student, Math Skills Programme

Caterpillar to butterfly

I would best explain my daughter’s change in her understanding of math similar to that of a caterpillar to a butterfly.  Her confidence increased, her ability to explain step-by-step how to work out problems went from 10% to 90%.  She actually wanted to get a Grade One for her teacher.


Parent, Math Skills Program

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